Mobile technology combined with awareness of improved corporate performance through collaboration, allow teams to be liberated from desks and isolation. However, while the digital natives of Generation Y and their Generation X cousins flourished in these new environments, in reality the workforce is aging and becoming more diverse. There are more over 50’s in the workforce than ever before and with the default standard of office design now being open plan other solutions are required. There has become a growing awareness that the working population not only involves a wide age group, but also consist of the differing social groups of ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’. Cubbi was designed to address the need for privacy and concentration & provide places that feel comfortable and reflect people’s character, age and tasks within the inclusive workplace.

Cubbi acoustic enclosures are designed to wrap around those who need short, focused periods of concentration, a day of intensive work or a place for privacy. Cubbi bench is for short bouts of work and can be utilised as a phone or video conference booth whereas Cubbi task is somewhere to retreat for longer periods of intensive concentration.

Modular in construction, Cubbi is available in a variety of formats, including single, double or quadruple arrangements. Initially designed to fit the footprint of a desk, it can replace or be an alternative to a desk space in an open plan office to provide a place for acoustic privacy.



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