Following the successful introduction of the elastomeric membrane into the Genus Task chair range, Highmark decided to expand the range further by adding a competitively price high density stacking chair. Based on a rod frame, to make the chair efficiently and tightly stack, the design needed to retain the same visual language as the rest of the Genus range. The injection moulded back retains the same pattern design as the elastomeric task chair, produced from glass reinforced polypropylene; it giving the correct support but retaining a degree of flexibility to enhance comfort. The injection seat moulded polypropylene can be coloured with eight colour options, to match, or contrast with the back. The seat can also be upholstered, requiring the addition of a stacking shroud on the underside so that the upholstery does not mark when stacked. The chairs can stack eight high and in greater volume on a trolley.

Like its side chair cousin, the range has been expanded to include ‘light work’ swivel chairs and counter chairs, as well as two heights of stacking stools.

Highmark INC



As with most of the designs we produce, we move quickly from initial sketch ideas to a full size seating rig, which is adjustable in all directions, so that we can quickly determine the correct level of comfort, proportions and dimensions. The built in flexibility of the rig enables us to evaluate and adjust the comfort, closely involving the client in the process. The rig becomes more detailed with the addition of CNC machined surfaces, produced either in ureol or blue foam, taken directly from our CAD files. Once the design of these parts has been fixed, backs and seats are machined in ABS and frames prototyped. The chair model is FEA analysed with adjustments to the material specification or to add strength where required. Drawing are submitted to suppliers for detailed quotation followed by discussions with the toolmaker to determine split lines, ejector pin positions, feed points and flow analysis prior to the parts being tooled.

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