Harc Tubs provide individual comfort and privacy in public spaces for lounging and relaxing or engaging in meetings. With the optional wrap around acoustic high backs, the chairs become secluded spaces, intimate private places to concentrate, listen and focus attention on tasks. Harc has a variety of bases and leg frames for different functions and environments, it can be a comfortable meeting chair mounted on a skid wire leg frame or an oak four leg frame. The four star base version with an additional tilt mechanism turns it into a useful conference chair. By lowering the overall height and changing the angle the Harc Tub is easily converted into a series of lounge chairs that are designed to compliment the Harc sofas.

OCee Design



The original concept was to design a comfortable fully upholstered tub chair, generous in size to compliment the Harc sofas. Using the same idea that we had utilised on the sofas, adding a high wing back to the tub, to change its function and make it a private style club chair. In order to achieve this, we produced the tub and high back in two parts, moulded in polyurethane foam over steel frames that could be upholstered separately and assembled together. Both in its low back form and tub with high wing back had to aesthetically sit and function as separate chairs, yet look part of the same range. In order to do this we translated our designs into full size CNC machined blue foam, from which we could assess the comfort, scale, proportions and function of both models, as well as use as a rig for upholstery trials. The tub shell, high back hood, headrest and seat were all tooled for injection moulded foam. The steel frames were engineered to be structurally strong to meet a variety of functional demands incorporated the fixing for assembling the under frames and high back options, as well as fitting into the moulds.

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