The high back version of Harc provides a warm and comfortable enclosure that wraps around to provide an intimate meeting place, an envelope to find refuge where focus, attention are essential. Busy workplaces require collaborative environments that encourage social interaction, yet are intimate and offer privacy. Harc high back sofas and chair were designed to provide a place of wellbeing and to cut out or reduce surrounding noise. However, the low back versions, whether they be chairs, sofas or modular units encourage interaction and socialising, supporting an open environment in areas where people are needed to be seen. Harc has a deliberate residential aesthetic, reflecting the feeling and comfort of home. A wood finished leg frame emphasises this but these can be replaced with aluminium for a more corporate look.

OCee Design



OCee’s design brief was for a long, low range of sofas. We expanded this brief to include the need to create a wrap around envelope that made the low social sofas into private intimate places with the addition of a higher back.

The initial sketch designs were developed into CAD models and rendered for approval from the client. These were then translated into full size frames with foams applied to the surfaces to determine the correct scale, dimensions and comfort as well as potential means of construction. This enabled us to quickly convert the design into a production frame working closely with a manufacture who was able to combine CNC panels with preformed plywood parts to create the complex shapes. CNC fabricated foams were applied with the correct density combinations to establish the right comfort and performance.

In order to lift the structure off the ground to give it a visual lightness and elegance, two versions of leg frames were developed, one a combination of steel underframe and cast aluminium legs, the other in oak.

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