With the growth of open plan offices and the intensity and concentration needed while working with technology, there has been a requirement to break away from the desk to different spaces and areas to collaborate, socialise, relax or just meet and hang out with colleagues. Horizon was designed to meet these challenges, to help facilitate serendipitous and fluid meeting spaces, a place that facilitated chance conversations. A contoured flowing group of modular upholstered units that can create a variety of landscape formats, the six modules can be formed into islands, corners or flowing straights. The varying angles of the backs and depth of seats allow for different sitting positions from more upright for working to slouching and relaxing, giving Horizon its unique visual appearance.




Horizon was a design that originated out of ‘Third Space’, research undertaken in 2008-9 exploring the changing nature of work. Whereas Hive created a solution for both horizontal and vertical typography, Horizon was developed as a landscape range. The initial concept sketches were quickly turned into 1:10 scale models which explored the changing contours of the back and curving seats that provided a variety of lounging comforts. From these models, full size prototypes were built, a series of modular back and seat frames manufactured in interlocking and self-jigging CNC machined plywood panels onto which CNC cut and fabricated foams were applied to create the level of comfort required. The units are made in two parts, seat and back, and upholstered separately before being assembled together.

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