Open Plan. The benefits gained from collaboration and communication has established open plan as the modern workplace landscape. Obeya has been developed to help shape this landscape whilst also addressing its key issues; primarily acoustic and visual privacy.

Space definition. Obeya defines space through a simple modular system. People want choice in the workplace, Obeya can accommodate individual or group meetings and offers open or closed spaces away from the desk.

Adaptability. Modern businesses need to be responsive and reactive to change. Shorter leases are becoming standard and with it a desire for adaptable office solutions. Obeya is a cost-effective option against traditional office fit-outs, and as a freestanding system it can be moved, altered and shaped to specific requirement.

Materiality. A pointed effort was made to work with wood. Wood is central to the culture and DNA of OFS and is a natural sustainable offering. Furthermore, its tactile properties benefit the atmosphere of a space – insuring staff feel comfortable and at home. Visually, it can be updated when required to maintain aesthetic relevance.

Client: OFS
Year: 2019 
Awards: Contract Magazine NeoCon Gold and Best in Show 2019 / HIP NeoCon Award 2019