Scandinavia has always had a deep and serious approach to ergonomics and their effects and benefits to wellbeing, all backed by a considerable amount of research and data. When EFG commissioned us to design the Splice Range, an essential part of the design brief was that it meets the high ergonomic demands of the Scandinavian market.

Splice is a fully adjustable chair with all parts capable of moving to the correct position for different body shapes, sizes and work tasks. The chairs have a fully responsive mechanism, adjustable for varying weights & can be finely tuned to provide a balanced, synchronised movement with forward and rear tilts. The design features an upholstered high back, not only supporting the shoulders but also providing positively defined lumber and pelvic support shaped to hold the body in the correct posture providing all day comfort. An adjustable headrest can be added. The five star base has been designed to include flat areas which act as foot supports.

The dictionary definition of Splice is the joining of two parts. In this case it was a blend of Scandinavian culture, knowledge and ergonomics united with British design expertise. The result was a commercial success.

These large shared working surfaces are to support and encourage collaboration, social interaction, sharing knowledge, networking and help create serendipitous and fluid meetings at a place that facilitate chance conversations.




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