Swoosh is a collection of fully upholstered chairs mounted on a wide variety of frames to meet the demands of a wide variety of requirements in work, education, health and leisure environments. The simplicity of its form was designed so that it could meet the comfort requirements for all its given functions. The structure of the chair is a single preformed plywood shell over moulded in polyurethane foam and then mounted on either a wire skid frame, four star swivel bases or wood frames. The variety of bases enables this range to be specified into a of environments, the wood giving it a residential, Scandinavian appearance with the steel rod more suitable for harder wearing corporate, or educational environments.




Like many of the seating products we design our starting point is to establish the level of comfort required for the product through building a seating rig. The concept of Swoosh was to create a thin, elegant upholstered shell mounted on a visually light weight wire frame. The shell therefore had to provide the majority of comfort, the foam the right degree of softness. Visual tricks of the foam/plywood shell combination including thinning it at the edges while leaving sufficient thickness in the middle where you are supported. The shells are moulded in one piece of preformed laminated plywood and placed into a tool into which liquid polyurethane foam is injected, left to expand around the shell encapsulating the plywood. The images below show how the final models are first produced in ureol that are then used to create tool cavities in a two part tool.

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