Light. Why is an ergonomically designed task chair with a distinctive, contoured, height adjustable back which is both light and visually transparent. Designed and manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials to conserve resources and lessen the impact on the environment, WHY has been designed with the minimum of materials and components without compromising performance.

Responsive. Why utilises a self-adjusting synchronised mechanism which reacts intuitively to provide comfort for people of varying sizes and weights. The height adjustable back ensures pelvic and lumbar support. The back is formed from a high performance polymer that flexes and adjusts to the movement of the body. Perforations aid the flexibility whilst providing necessary ventilation which means the back has eliminated upholstery, providing a robust and hard wearing surface. Overall comfort is completed by the contoured deep moulded foam cushion with adjustable seat depth.

No Tool Assembly. Why has been designed to be shipped and stored economically in space-saving packaging. This has been achieved by pioneering a Fastclick technology which enables quick and simple assembly from the box, without the need for any tools. The same principle applies at the end of life of the chair. It’s easy to dismantle and separate the parts for recycling, making Why a truly sustainable product.

Client: Connection
Year: 2012
Awards: Design Guild Mark